CND Shellac Fingers and ToesUpfront PaymentPayment On The DayVideo
CND Shellac Fingers ‘OR’ Toes +SOAK OFF
CND Shellac Fingers ‘OR’ Toes 30 Minutes
CND Shellac Fingers AND Toes 60 Minutes
CND Shellac Professional Soak Off 15 Minutes
CND Shellac Manicure 45 Minutes
CND Shellac Pedicure  60 Minutes
CND Shellac Manicure & Pedicure
CND Vinylux Fingers & ToesUpfront PaymentPayment On The DayVideo
Kids CND Vinylux Fingers 15 Minutes
CND Vinylux Fingers AND Toes
CND Vinylux Fingers ‘OR’ Toes
CND Vinylux Full Manicure 45 Minutes
CND Vinylux Full Pedicure  45 Minutes

CND Shellac at Beauty Tonic

A Modern Beauty Salon with a Friendly, Relaxed Environment.

Since 2012 our Salons in Manchester have offered clients a friendly, relaxed service in a modern and professional environment. We take pride in offering a consistent, quality service with sound advice and assurance that the treatments are being performed by a fully qualified Beauty Therapist, trained to the highest of industry standards.

By consistently listening to our clients we are constantly updating and improving the way we do things to make it easier and more convenient for you to receive the treatments and service you deserve. You guys are busy enough so your leisure time should be quick and convenient to organise. Your Beauty Salon appointments should be when you want them, not if and when your Salon has time- check out our online diary to schedule appointments 24 hours a Day, 7 Days a week and receive a 20% discount as a thank you for paying in advance.

Beauty Tonic is Friendly, Efficient, and Professional with a personal touch.

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