What do I do if I am running late?

If you are aware in advance please email hello@beautytonicltd.com

If you are late for your appointment your slot will be missed.

Our therapists work on time limits and specific appointment ‘slots’ if you do not attend your appointment on time the treatment will not be able to be carried out and you will lose your slot and not receive a refund.

However- Beauty Tonic allow extra time for 90% of our treatments (**apart from CND Shellac Nails). As you have paid for the time, please make sure you turn up- usually 5 minutes late is not problem. If you have a 50 minute massage booked and are 10 mins late- we can just reduce the duration of the massage, if you are 15 minutes late for a Spray Tan, it is impossible to complete the appointment as the time slot/ duration for a Spray Tan is 15 Minutes.

What if I’m late but still coming?

– If you are late your treatment time may have to be adjusted accordingly i.e. treatment shortened depending on how late you are for your appointment.

We will always do our best to accommodate you but we are a busy salon and often have lots of clients back to back that we have to consider when this occurs.

You have paid for our time so always attend but please also understand that it is not always possible to accommodate you if you do not attend your appointment on time it really depends on the treatment booked and how late you are.

What do I do if I am running late for my CND Shellac appointment?

CND Shellac is tricky, due to the amount of CND Shellac applications we perform we cannot allow extra time.

We currently perform around 700 CND Shellac Nails per month, if we allowed an extra 10 mins for instance, that equates to 7000 minutes, 116 hours or 3 full weeks of our opening hours.

We allow 30 minutes for a standard CND Shellac appointment, it takes 25-30 minutes to complete to a Professional standard. CND Shellac Application cannot be ‘Half Done’ due to the procedures involved, curing time for the colour etc.

Obviously, please always ensure you attend CND Shellac appointments regardless. If you have a manicure booked (45 minute treatment time) and are 10-15 mins late we can downgrade to a Standard CND Shellac Treatment.. Maybe we would have time to apply CND Vinylux instead.. It all depends on the situation but we cannot offer guarantees if you attend late.

We no longer have phones at Beauty Tonic (more on this below) so if you are running late unexpectedly it is best to send an email- we pick emails up pretty quick even during peak times and usually come back to you within 2 hours.

What products do Beauty Tonic use?

We only use a very select few brands at Beauty Tonic. They were chosen as they are the best in the business, extremely relable and offer the longest lasting results.

We use CND for For ALL of our Finger and Toes treatements.

WaxPerts for intimate Waxes, JustWax for standard Waxing and

St Tropez for ALL tanning.

Beauty Tonic stocks over 100 colours of CND Shellac and carries every Shade of St Tropez they currently offer.

We also CND Spa Products & St Tropez Moisuturising products. You guys deserve only the best!

What time should I arrive for my appointment?

Beauty Tonic runs a very organised and quite strict diary, clients are often booked back to back so you can imagine lateness can have a knock on effect to every single appointment through out the day if anyone is late..

Its is best to arrive 5 mins beforehand as Traffic in Manchester can be unpredictable to say the least. Your appointment will start at the specified time, never earlier or later.

Please be aware that sometimes it is necessary to lock the Salon door if we are performing certain quiet or private treatments. If you are early and the door is locked we promise we will be with you at the start of your scheduled appointment slot.

How far in advance should I book?

We always recommend booking at least 7 days in advance to ensure you get the perfect time. However we can generally cater for you with one or two days notice and due to 4 locations last minute appointments in quieter times (weekday, daytimes) are usually possible.

You can check our diary 24 hours a day via our website-


What prep do you recommend for the Perfect St Tropez Spray Tan?

24-36 hours before a tan we recommend that you use a gentle exfoliator to buff away any dead skin cells, any waxing or shaving should also be done at this point and a moisturiser applied to replenish dry skin for even coverage.

Before attending your St Tropez Spray Tan appointment, please ensure you remove any perfumes/ deodorant, oil or body moisturisers and make-up as this can effect adhesion.

Dark loose clothing should be worn for your appointment with us- this will prevent the tan rubbing against your clothes after application. St Tropez is most venerable to patches immediately after application before it has had time to soak into skin. Please try to avoid attending in skinny jeans, you look fab but tan tan will turn them and your pins patchy orange! ?

How long does a St Tropez Spray Tan Last?

St Tropez Tans generally lasts 5- 7days if you look after the tan well but will obviously start to fade after 48 hours.

Moisturise your skin you to get the maximum time possible- the dryer your skin becomes the quicker your tan will rub, fade and turn patchy.

It is very easy to become dry from a tan as the DHA product in the tan is drying to the skin so moisturising is very important. ?

When should I have my St Tropez Spray Tan if its required for a certain date?

Around 24- 48 hours before- this gives you time to allow the excess of the product to be rinsed off and the tan to settle into your skin for you to moisturise it.

Thursday early afternoon is PERECT for Friday evening or Friday eve is Perfect for Saturday Night.

Can I have a St Tropez Spray Tan on the same day as a Wax?

Unfortunately no. The reason for this is that the pores are open from the heat of the wax and the hair removal therefore  you would end up with tan in your open pores, trust us- not a good look.

We also can’t tan before the wax as the wax will remove the applied tan so please book your wax a day or even 2 days before the spray tan for the optimal result.

Are there any common reactions after having a Wax?


Common post treatment reactions to this treatment are redness, bumps on the skin, short term irritation- don’t worry it is common if you are experiencing any of these reactions.

You can help prevent these reactions by having a cool shower (please do not have a hot shower after your wax) and using non- fragranced moisturiser.

Any minor reaction should subside in 24 to 48 hours. If you are unsure or the reaction has lasted longer than 48 hours please contact us at hello@beautytonicltd.com for advice.

What type of Wax does Beauty Tonic Use?

Beauty Tonic uses Hot Wax for intimate Waxing and Warm Wax for All other types of Waxing. The brands we use are- ‘WaxPerts’ (Hot Wax) and ‘Just Wax’ (Warm Wax).

How do I prevent ingrown hairs?

Exfoliating a few days before your wax and a few days after your wax can help prevent in-growing hair.

How long does Waxing last? How long do I need to leave between Waxes?

Everybody is different, there is no exact duration and all hair grows at different speeds but we generally say waxing will last 14 days and we would recommend a minimum of 4 weeks between waxes on any one specific area.

Does Waxing hurt?

Sorry- yes! It is similar pain to that of removing a plaster.

The more waxing sessions you have the more your skin will adapt to tolerate the pain but its not the most fun you could have on a Tuesday Evening..

How long does my hair need to be for waxing?

At least 8-10mm (1cm) of Hair is generally required for ALL types and areas of Waxing Including intimate.

Any shorter than this and the wax will not pick up the hair.

When you book an appointment with Beauty Tonic you book out a therapist’s time therefore no refund will be given if we are unable perform the treatment due to the length of your hair being less than 8mm. Sorry guys!

What are the differences between the type of massages you offer and their individual benefits?

Beauty Tonic offer the following massages:

25/ 50 Minute Deep Tissue– includes a firm pressure, excellent for someone who does a lot of physical activity or sport, helps to relieve tension and build up of lactic acid in the muscles.

25/ 50 Minute Swedish– An invigorating massage with a medium pressure, prefect for aches and pains

25/ 50 Minute Hot Stones– A slow relaxing massage with the use of heated volcanic stones. Perfect for aches and pains as the heat from the stones penetrates deep into the muscle tissue.

25/ 50 Minute Tailor Made– We can focus on your required areas, where you hold the most stress. Consult with your Therapist at the beginning of your Massage but please be aware- we cannot focus 100% of the treatment time on just your back for example- it is dangerous and could lead to problems afterwards.

25/ 50 Minute ‘Other’ Massages– Some of our Salons offer Preganancy and Holistic Massages- These change regularly but will be listed on the website if available. Please note- we cannot perform ANY massage on Pregnant Women with their first Trimester.

Upon consultation with your therapist on the day of your massage treatment, she can help advise the most suitable type of massage to suit your needs. All massages are the same price and the same duration although some Massages require a specific set up which could delay the treatment if changed ‘on the day’ and this may cut into the overall Treatment Time.

Do I need a patch test for Express Individual or Cluster Eyelash Extensions?

– Yes, if it is your first time with us we can only perform the treatment once you have had a patch test for both tint and lash glue.

Once having the test, we recommend a follow up patch test every 6 months to ensure you will still be ok with the treatment.

How long do Individual or Cluster Eyelash Extensions last for?

Cluster Lashes are perfect for a night out or busy weekend.

We Guarantee Cluster Lashes for 48 hrs

Express Individual Lashes can last (we have tried them extensively!!) for 2-3 weeks, however it really depends on how well they are looked after.

If you do a lot of Sports or Swimming, have a very physical Job or Shower more than once per day they will not last this long.

Beauty Tonic Guarantee Express Individual Lashes for 5 days.

What is the difference between Individual & Cluster Eyelash Extensions?

Cluster Lashes (30 min application time) are a cluster of 3-5 Synthetic Hairs that are applied on top of existing lashes to increase the density and/ or length of you own lashes.

Express Individual Lashes (45 min application time) are Single Synthetic hairs that are applied to a single lashe rather than in clusters giving a more natural and lengthened finish. Due to each individual lash being applied separately with its own glue, Individual Lashes tend to be more secure and therefore last longer.

What type of Lash Extensions do you offer?

Beauty Tonic Offer Express Individual or Cluster Eyelash Extensions.

Can I book in advance for a Tint & Glue test?

Yes, you can book in for the Test through our ‘Tint and Glue test’ section of the website through online booking. This will ensure a therapist is free to do this for you at your desired time (at least 24 hrs before your appointment).

It is free of charge, however if you haven’t booked and are passing you can pop in and see if someone is able to this for you.

It takes literally 30 seconds.

For any information what so ever of to book a Glue & Tint Test please email us at


Do I need a Tint & Glue test if I have had one at a different salon?

Yes! This is really important as different Salons use different Brands of Glue & Tint.

As the Tint and Glue products are applied close to your eyes its VERY  important that we ensure that you aren’t allergic to the product before hand (24 HOURS AT LEAST).

Once you have been Tint & Glue tested at a Beauty Tonic Salon you will not need to be tested here again.

We offer free Glue & Tint tests.



Can I request a specific CND Shellac colour?

Unfortunately it isn’t possible for us to guarantee the exact colour you want will be in stock.

Beauty Tonic stock approximately 100 CND Shellac Colours, However, CND have approximately 140 colours in their collection.

Occasionally we can run out of popular Colours, although these are replenished as soon as possible we only order stock once a week.

If you live locally, we would suggest calling in to see if the colour you’d like is in stock or you cam send an email to hello@beautytonicltd.com and we will be more than happy to order in specific colours or check current stock.

How do I make my CND Shellac Nails last longer?

While we are unable to guarantee that your shellac will last any longer than the 14 days (although we will guarantee it for 14 days) we are more than happy to share our tips on how to get the most out of you CND Shellac application.

It does depend on your natural nail condition etc but things you can do to help the maintain the shellac are-

Avoid using any strong chemicals (bleach, washing up liquid, oven cleaner) if you are please wear rubber gloves!

Always Soak off Nails correctly.

No biting!

A good cuticle oil will help too.

How can I improve the condition of my nails?

Cuticle oil is great. Applying cuticle oil (which we do as part of all CND Shellac treatments) is incredibly good for your nails whilst trying to care for the condition of them. The oil will nourish your nail matrix which is where your nail grows from and will help your nail grow out nice and strong. This also helps prevent getting brittle nails. We sell small bottles of CND Solar Oil (Cuticle Oil) in Salon for £2.50.

What is the difference between Shellac & other Gel- Type Polish brands?

CND Shellac is not really a Gel. CND Shellac is a hybrid product, which allows your natural nail to ‘breathe’. Shellac is easier and quicker to apply and quicker than gels to remove. It is still removed with acetone but this only takes 5- 10 minutes. Shellac is hypo allergenic and ‘7’ free, which means they are formulated without toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, phthalates (DBP), formaldehyde resin, xylene, or methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). More on this here.

CND Shellac also lasts 14 days +.

Do you charge for a Nail Repair?

If the CND Shellac was applied by Beauty Tonic and has been on less for than two weeks then no we will not charge for the repair.

I did not have my gels done at Beauty Tonic, can I still have a Soak Off with you?

Yes- but due to the time it takes you will need to book 2 x Soak Offs (15 mins each)

You are also more than welcome to collect a free Soak Off kit to take home

It just takes a lot longer to soak off anything other than CND.

**Other brands can and have took us in excess of an hour to remove in the past so if you know your Gel is not shellac please book 2 Soak off’s

Otherwise we may be unable to complete your soak off in the time you have booked and we do not offer refunds in this instance.

What are the benefits of having Genuine CND Shellac?

Shellac is cured under an LED light which reacts with the product meaning it is dry before you leave the salon. It  lasts up to 14 days (sometimes more- our current Client Record is 25 days!).

It also keeps its high shine for the entire time it is on.

Shellac is also extremely strong so is great at encouraging nail growth (for you biters!). It acts like a barrier for the natural nail protecting it.

Does CND Shellac Damage my Nails?

Quite the opposite. Shellac is a Natural and Breathable Material (Made from the secretions of a Female Beatle- SERIOUSLY!).

Unlike Gel Nails (CND Shellac Nails are not actually Gel Nails) the tough but breathable Shellac layer applied can improve the quality of your Nails.

Please stay away from Acrylic Nails! These are incredibly bad for your nails as the (sometimes Toxic!) substance doesn’t allow your nails to breathe.

However – if you do not get your Shellac soaked off correctly (by picking etc)  it will ruin your nails as it will pull off a layer of your nail with it.

Beauty Tonic offer Professional Soak off’s in Salon or FREE Soak off Kits for you to take home, so no excuses ladies!

What is the difference between CND Shellac/Vinylux ‘Fingers’ and CND Shellac/Vinylux ‘Manicure’?

A CND Shellac Fingers/ Toes treatment includes a file, buff and Colour Application only (not cuticle work).

A CND Shellac Manicure/ Pedicure includes a File, Buff, Cuticle work, Colour Application, CND Spa Products and a Relaxing Hand and Arm/ Foot Massage.

A pedicure also includes a relaxing foot soak.

What is the difference between CND Vinylux and CND Shellac?

Vinylux is CND’s regular polish which is fast drying and long lasting.

CND Shellac is a Tough, Gel/Shellac Hybrid Product that Lasts 14 days +

CND Shellac needs to soaked of professionally or by using one of Beauty Tonic’s FREE DIY Soak off kits.

What is the minimum age for CND Massage?

Apologies but we cannot perform the treatment to anyone under the age of 16

What is the minimum age for Waxing?

Apologies but we cannot perform the treatment to anyone under the age of 18.

What is the minimum age for St Tropez Spray Tanning?

Apologies but we cannot perform the treatment to anyone under the age of 16.

What is the minimum age for CND Shellac Nails?

Apologies but we cannot perform the treatment to anyone under the age of 16. We do offer CND Vinylux though to anyone 6 years +.

Can I bring my child?

Of course!! Beauty Tonic is a Child- Friendy Salon! Please be aware that Beauty Tonic 192a Burton Rd is located on the First Floor so we cannot accommodate Prams! Also massage rooms are located in the Lower ground floors so involve stairs also..

238 Burton Rd

64 Beech Rd

7b Nicolas Rd

Are all Ground Floor and have Waxing Rooms Ground Floor.

Can I provisionally book a Treatment or can you ‘Pencil me in’?

Unfortunately not, the Salons are extremely busy therefore we operate on a first come first served basis and cannot reserve appointments without online booking.

Do you accept walk ins?

Of course! But it is always best to book in online- please be aware we do book up quickly so availability is not guaranteed without prior booking.

Can I buy gift vouchers? If so, how do I do it?

We now sell gift vouchers (evouchers) Online. If you pop into the salon our Therapists will be able to help you get your hands on one there too. Vouchers will be emailed to you immediately whether you buy online or in store.

How do I redeem Gift Vouchers?

You can redeem Gift vouchers online by following our normal online booking procedure and applying the voucher code on the payment section.


in- salon by printing the voucher OR booking online and bringing the voucher with you, your therapist will then input the voucher code and it will be redeemed ☺️

Can I Change or Cancel my appointment?

Beauty Tonic operate a 48 Hour Cancel/ Reschedule Policy. You can cancel or reschedule your appointment up to 48 hrs before your appointment is due to start.

When you book online you will receive a link to change/ amend your appointment in our diary as long as it is a minimum of 48 hours before your booking is due to take place (you could amend up to 6.59pm on a Tuesday if you were booked in at 7pm on Thursday for example).

When you book an appointment with us you are booking our staff’s time more than anything. If you do not attend your appointment Beauty Tonic Salons still have to pay rent, Staff Salaries and a huge number of other outgoings associated with running a small business.

We are just very honest and we think its important that our clients know why we do what we do.

We hope you understand.

Beauty Tonic

What is the Booking Procedure?

Booking in with us is really easy, just select the salon you prefer,

Select services you want by clicking on the appropriate button

(to select more just click the ‘book other services’ link

Choose a time and date,

Agree to the cancelation policy and voila- your appointment is confirmed.

You will receive an email summary of your booking and a link to amend your appointment within 48 hours of commencement..

What treatments should I avoid if I’m pregnant?

We do not recommend Spray Tans if you are pregnant.

– But most other treatments are suitable during pregnancy. Please email us to check if you are unsure at hello@beautytonicltd.com or discuss this with your therapist upon consultation if you have any question or concerns. We also offer massage although this is only suitable after your first trimester (after 12 weeks).

Contact Us

If you have a query or booking question send us a message and we will come back to you as soon as possible (hopefully within 2 working hours).